In December 2003, sold its first ticket. It is hard to believe now, but at that time, there was a question whether anyone would be willing to buy tickets to community events online. At that time, most tickets were sold via cash at the door, and there were no reasonably priced options for selling tickets online.

That question has long since been answered. Since that first sale in 2003, sold over 1 million tickets, and helped community organizations, primarily in the Greater Merrimack Valley area, raise over 25 million dollars! All while maintaining low ticket fees, high quality personalized service, and providing the same low fees and high quality service to all organizations, regardless of size. This was entirely self-funded with no outside investors or loans.

But all good things come to an end. Due to current circumstances, will longer offer online ticketing services.

We are proud of our accomplishments over the last 2 decades and have enjoyed working with our customers and the many ticket buyers. We thank all of you who stuck with us all these years. Thank you!!! And best wishes for continued success in the future.