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Rwanda Youth Healing Center
The Friends of the Rwanda Youth Healing Center (The Friends) is comprised of Rwandans, Americans, and others in the US who are committed to providing technical and financial assistance to the Rwanda Youth Healing Center (the Center), which is an non-governmental organization located in Rwanda. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, the Friends produced the Dayspring event in 2014 as a novel concert experience to honor the voices, people, and cultures that have been impacted by genocide and similar atrocities. 100% of the revenue from the Dayspring annual event goes directly to fund the Center's programs.

The Center aids in the ongoing healing process and empowerment of Rwandan youth, especially genocide survivors and other vulnerable young people. Nearly 200 young people have participated in the Center since its founding in 2005. The Center's approach integrates three areas of development: healing, leadership, and livelihoods. The Friends work closely with the Center to support the Center's growth and development, with the shared vision of a Rwanda where all of the youth are healed, reconciled, and empowered to reach their potential.

Dayspring 2015 Preview Video

Friends of the Rwanda Youth Healing Center
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Friends of Rwanda Youth Healing Center