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Merrimack Valley Jazz Festival

How The Beat Began
In 2011, its inaugural year, the MERRIMACK VALLEY JAZZ FESTIVAL attracted thousands of visitors from all corners of Massachusetts and beyond.

The MERRIMACK VALLEY JAZZ FESTIVAL is a unique, first class, signature event that showcases the wonders of the musical world in the Merrimack Valley. By bringing to life the great American tradition of Jazz, we are fostering the history, diversity, and richness of this timeless music. We also educate the community in the depth of its artistic value and the ingenuity of those presenting it.

The MERRIMACK VALLEY JAZZ FESTIVAL also provides work for approximately 100 professional musicians who depend upon these short and seasonal events for their livelihood.

We help to reinforce the special qualities offered by local businesses by allowing them to attractively present their products or services to an extended market.

Lowell has been chosen as the back drop for this musical jubilee; not only because of its beauty and number of long established entertainment venues; but, Lowell is the HUB of the Merrimack Valley. Being the approximate half-way point of the most metropolitan cities along the river, it's the perfect location for the MERRIMACK VALLEY JAZZ FESTIVAL. It has excellent access to Rte's 495, 93, and 3, making an easy commute from almost anywhere in New England.

In the future, we would like to see the MERRIMACK VALLEY JAZZ FESTIVAL become a multi-day celebration that will attract people from all over the country, and we hope to play an increasingly larger role in the valley's rebirth.

2013 Merrimack Valley Jazz Festival
Executive Producer
Bobby Kinney
Adagio Entertainments

Associate Producer
Janice Mary Andrea Zawodny
Mill City Dance

Stanley C. Swann III
Director, Stage Coordinator


Deb Belanger
Greater Merrimack Valley
Convention & Visitors Bureau

Bob Howard
Heritage Farm Ice Cream

Marty Lorrey
Lowell City Council