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No one wants to spend more than they have to. That’s why we don’t charge a sign up or setup fee for a standard registration page. Credit card processing fees are passed along to clients at our cost (2.5% + $0.25 per transaction), and MKtix’s online fees are determined by the ticket amount (see chart below), so you only pay a fee on the tickets you actually sell. Take a look below to see the various models for the payment of these fees:

  1. The organization pays the credit card processing and the registrant pays MKtix’s online fee. (A $10 ticket would be listed as $11.50. $10 + 1.50 online ticketing fee. The organization would receive $9.50 for each ticket sold.)
  2. The registrant pays all fees. (A $10 ticket would be listed at $12. $10 + $2 online ticketing fee. The organization would receive $10 for each ticket sold.)
  3. The organization pays all fees. (A $10 ticket would be listed as $10. The organization receives $8 for each ticket sold.)

MKtix Fee Structure

Ticket PriceMKtix Service Fee
$0 - $10 $1.50
$10.01 - $24.99 $2.00
$25 - $49.99 $3.00
$50 - $74.99 $4.00
$75 - $99.99 $5.00
$100 - $149.99 $6.00
$150 - $199.99 $7.00
$200 + $7.00 + 1.25%

Payments and Reporting

Keep track of how your sales are going will full, on-demand reporting (CSV/Excel). A sales report is available prior to your event for use at your check-in location. Payments are automatically sent out the week after an event ends but can also be arranged on an alternative schedule based on your needs. Payments for donations, memberships and merchandise (ongoing sales) are made on a monthly basis.

Checks, minus all fees, are accompanied by a payment report.

How Do We Compare to Other Ticketing Companies?

We know you have several choices when it comes to choosing an e-commerce partner. At MKtix, we like to think of ourselves as a "boutique" rather than a big-box store. Because we are a small company focused on the community, we can offer our clients value-added services like a customized homepage, seat selection and event and organization marketing on our social media pages and newsletters. Our fees are competitive with those of the large, corporate ticketing and fundraising sites, and we give our clients the option to pass fees on to ticket buyers or pay them in-house. We offer friendly customer service via telephone or email. And because we are part of the local community we are as committed as our clients are to making sure their events succeed.


What's New?

Our Company's Mission offers online tools for ticket and merchandise sales, #crowdfunding, fundraising, and class and conference registrations for individuals and organizations. We are an independently owned company that cares about your success because we know that supporting small businesses, arts organizations and nonprofits helps everyone. We have brought more than $30 million into the local economy since 2003, offer professional, friendly service, and provide assistance with marketing. Best of all, there is no set-up or sign up fee.